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Can Digital Signage Be Useful in Schools and Colleges?

Technology is now helping educational environments expand well beyond text based learning. Through the use of smart technology, schools, colleges and universities are able to engage students for better learning in a number of other ways. Providing versatile learning tools for the modern day, and a unique platform that encourages students to create and collaborate effectively, technology integration within the classroom has transformed life for staff and pupils. But it’s not just technology use within the classroom that is paving the way for better student and staff experiences.

Digital signage is another innovation that is changing the education sector for the better. As a leading provider of digital signage solutions, we work closely with a number of key industries (including the business, education, retail and healthcare markets) to ensure the benefits of digital communication can be harnessed. In this blog post, we take a closer look at how digital signage can be used in educational environments like primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and private learning facilities.

Display school news and achievements

Thanks to fully intuitive interfaces, simple content management systems and complete customisation capabilities, digital signage is an adaptable and easily updatable tool for use in schools, colleges and universities. Displaying school news is a breeze with digital signage, and with very little training your administration staff can make scheduled announcements as well as share last minute messages from a central location.

Digital signage can also be used to provide an insight into the culture of an educational environment. These powerful digital posters can proudly display examples of children’s work as well as videos and photos from school events such as performances and sports days.

Offer a warm welcome to all

Digital signage doesn’t just deliver value to students and staff. For visitors to the school, digital signage provides an excellent route to delivering information seamlessly and professionally. Reception displays are already a popular part of the modern day education environment, so why shouldn’t they be a part of yours? Digital signage displays positioned in reception areas can be used to display welcome information, school details, motivational messaging, timetables and academic achievements, to name but a few things.

Deliver directions and room change information

Wayfinding is one of the primary reasons why so many private and public sector organisations across all industries invest in digital signage technology. In education, digital signage can help staff, students and visitors get where they need to be as well as display the room change information that may impact their existing schedule.

Provide details about events and clubs

Creating an engaging and informative experience for users is what digital signage systems are all about. As we’ve discovered in this piece, digital signage can be used to relay all types of information, and details about events and clubs is another content type that can be easily and effectively communicated.

Digital signage is an excellent way to communicate with staff, students and visitors alike. From live data feeds to customised, content rich screen templates, digital signage can be a useful part of all aspects of the school environment, including reception areas, canteens, common rooms and staff rooms.