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How to Take Your Digital Signage Al Fresco

Digital signage use shouldn’t be confined to your store front, waiting or reception area, or shop floor. By taking your digital signage network outdoors you can reach more customers with your carefully crafted content.

Here at Digital Vision Store, we have been supplying digital signage solutions to our customers since we opened our doors. With the latest innovations making outdoor digital advertising simpler for those with all budgets and objectives, we thought we’d share a few al fresco tips. Read on to discover outdoor digital signage advice straight from the experts.

Why should you take your message outdoors?

Since its introduction digital signage has strengthened engagement for B2B and B2C businesses everywhere. The vibrant, attractive and often interactive digital displays provide a number of plus points for the businesses that use them, with easier content management ensuring an adaptable advertising and marketing tool across multiple campaigns. Outdoor digital signs can be equally as effective for businesses, with retailers in particular enjoying the increased visibility that comes with a carefully placed display.

In comparison to more traditional, static forms of advertising, digital signage provides a promising solution, enabling businesses to catch the eyes of customers in prime locations as well as reduce printing costs and lead times. The flexibility of digital content also means messages can be changed at the touch of a button with owners of multiple stores able to personalise their promotions accordingly and campaigns able to be altered based on the time of day. The ability to use different content types, including RSS feeds, digital images and video, means more creative campaigns to make the most of outdoor advertising and marketing opportunities.

Top tips for an effective outdoor campaign

Now that we are aware of the benefits of taking your message outside with the latest digital signage technology, where do you begin when it comes to building a successful campaign? Here is a selection of top tips for outdoor digital signage use:

  • Think carefully about placement: The ‘where’ of your campaign is particularly important, after all what’s the point of creating brilliant content if no one’s going to see it! Analysing your target audience is an excellent place to start. Think about the places they are most likely to go and map your content delivery locations accordingly.
  • Get creative: Thanks to the latest advancements in digital signage, the types of content you can use as part of your campaign are more extensive than ever. As well as exploring different content types, make sure your displays are bold, vibrant, readable and aesthetically pleasing, even from a distance. As well as limiting text and increasing font size, ensuring the resolution of your display is on point is a must.
  • Make it interactive: Making it as easy as possible for your viewers to find out more about your brand and its products or services is vital so make your campaign as interactive as you can. QR tags and smartphone snaps are easy ways to interact through content. For touchscreen displays, accessibility is especially important.

Making your outdoor digital signage campaign shine all starts with the very best equipment. Discover the highest quality digital signage players and accessories right here.

How to Choose an IT Support Partner

In today’s fast paced, digitally driven world, a business’ use of technology can make or break its success. Yes, technology serves different individuals and companies in varying ways, but ensuring that you have the support you need to manage and maintain your IT infrastructure, and the hardware and software that makes it what it is, is vital. Choosing to outsource your IT support can unlock many advantages, whatever your business size or niche, but where do you begin when selecting a trusted supplier?

As a leading provider of numerous IT services, we actively deliver IT support that helps businesses fulfil day to day needs as well as achieve short and long term objectives. In this post, we take a look at the steps you can take when choosing the right IT support partner for your company.

Experience across the board

Knowing that your IT support partner is knowledgeable and experienced in multiple disciplines is vital, after all you want to ensure that you will receive a complete service when entering into an agreement with them. From simple upgrades and repairs to full infrastructure overhauls, your chosen IT support company should be able to assist across all areas to provide the ongoing support you need as your business grows.

Flexible packages that grow as you do

Your current IT requirements may not be the same in months or even years from now so selecting a provider that offers a wide range of support packages will certainly stand you in good stead.

Being clear on what your package includes from the outset is also important. No two IT support services are the same, and what may come as standard as part of one package, may not be the same as another. Make sure you are not only aware of the support and helpdesk services available as part of your package but the associated limitations.

A single point of contact for your IT challenges

We’ve all been there, trying to get the support you need to remedy an issue only to be met by a complex telephone menu system. Having a single point of contact is a plus point that many overlook when sourcing IT support, but it can make all the difference when faced with IT challenges within your workplace. Phone and remote support come as standard here at Digital Vision.

A great reputation throughout the business world

Nothing says “choose me” like a long list of testimonials from happy customers, so do your research when finding the right IT support company for you. Knowing that your chosen partner is trusted by a number of businesses already and hearing their own accounts of the support service they receive from the provider can tell you a lot.

More than just support

Your support service shouldn’t end at file and email server help, device management, software solutions and data backup, your chosen provider should be a continuous source of great advice. Your IT infrastructure after all needs to have the potential to grow with your company and finding a service that makes that happen and deals with ongoing maintenance and repairs is the key.

We offer a wide range of IT services, including support, installation, repair and training. Find out more about how we can assist you by contacting our team today.

On site IT Support How Could Your School Benefit

The value of classroom technology is increasingly recognised throughout the UK and the rest of the world. According to a study conducted by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), 53% of teaching time involves some form of ICT, a figure that has risen and is expected to continue to rise. Digital classroom technology, or EdTech as it is often referred to, is no doubt changing learning and teaching, but with increased integration of new hardware and software comes the increased need for IT support.

Finding the on-site IT support your school requires on a day-to-day basis however, needn’t be a hassle. Here we discuss the benefits of recruiting an external IT service provider to deliver your on-site support.

Improve coverage whilst limiting costs

Recruiting an in-house IT technician is likely to be outside the remit of many state schools, whose limited budgets don’t cover the salary let alone the additional costs associated with hiring an IT specialist. By enlisting a trusted IT service provider to deliver your on-site support you can improve coverage whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Many IT support services are available at a fixed fee, meaning you can be clear on costs from the very beginning of your contract.

Harness IT and AV expertise

It’s not just IT support that you gain when hiring on-site help. Here at Digital Vision EDU, we understand that your audio visual (AV) equipment is just as important to your pupils’ progression as your IT infrastructure. Our engineers have experience in all areas of IT and AV allowing you to harness support across the board with both new and existing solutions.

Find support from start to finish

Whether it’s a trouble shooting exercise you require help with, a complete reconfiguration of your existing installs you need assistance with or the integration of new hardware and software that’s your next step forward, ensuring you find a complete package that works for you and your budget, whatever your requirements, is important. Our on-site support service is offered to schools and other educational facilities via tailor-made packages that are just as flexible as your needs.

Discover EdTech solutions that work

With classroom technology helping educators craft more engaging and interactive materials, AV and IT equipment provides a diverse learning tool that really works. However, ensuring that your school moves with the times and embraces the latest EdTech solutions is essential to supporting learners as technology continuously evolves. Having a partner that can advise you on the latest digital technology available will guarantee that you are investing in the strategy, development, infrastructure and support that will help your pupils and teachers embrace digital in all its glory.

Technology integration is an important part of our on-site support service and enables us to provide the cutting edge IT innovations schools need to create dynamic environments. Our expertise in AV will also help you and fellow educators further progress the use of technology in classrooms. Find out more about our IT support services for schools by contacting us direct

Digital Meeting Room Booking: Is It Right for My Business?

Scheduled or unplanned, regular meetings are an integral part of the way all companies do business. Whether the objective of your meeting is to plan business growth, devise the creative ideas that will market your company successfully to your target audience or discuss your latest product or service innovation, having the access you need to a separate meeting space within your business environment is important.

Modern meeting rooms have to be all things to all people, particularly if you own a large company housing a multitude of departments. Through smart technology, the effectiveness and efficiency of meeting rooms has gone from strength to strength in recent years, but it’s not just the systems and devices inside that count. Technology has transformed the meeting room booking process for the better, but is investing in an all-in-one digital solution for reserving meeting rooms the right step for your business?

Overcome common booking challenges

As a necessary part of business, meeting rooms don’t come without their challenges. Organisations who manually manage the booking process encounter a number of issues as a result, problems that are particularly time consuming. A recent survey revealed that business professionals spend on average 4.75 hours per week arranging 8.9 meetings, but with a digital meeting room booking system you can spend this time elsewhere within your company. As well as wasted time scheduling meetings, scheduling errors and even damage to team morale and client perception have become common challenges associated with manual meeting room booking processes.

With meeting room booking technology, the booking woes of small businesses and large enterprises alike become a thing of the past. Reservation systems are instead fully integrated into your organisation. Many of the devices we stock here at Digital Vision Audio Visual support Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCalendar to ensure meeting space can be reserved through your company calendar as well as via the system display.

Optimise resources for better productivity

Inefficient use of meeting rooms and resources is another issue that has plighted businesses across numerous industry sectors. Ghost meetings (i.e. scheduled meetings where no one shows up) are unfortunately very common. In fact, 34% of scheduled meetings end up being labelled in this manner, a statistic that equates to 27 wasted room hours each month and is certain to have a frightful impact on office productivity. Just to note, these wasted hours relate to just one room, if your office has 10 or even 100 meeting spaces, then no-show meetings can put an even heavier burden on resources.

Your valuable meeting space can be more efficiently used with the integration of meeting room booking technology, with systems making it easier for employees to cancel their attendance on a shared calendar and rooms then able to be booked by other employees and teams. The advanced analytics available with many room booking systems also ensure commercial property costs can be reduced with resources that aren’t used as efficiently digitally documented.

A stress free experience for all

We’ve all encountered the stress of securing meeting room space within the corporate environment but with digital meeting room booking, a hassle free process can be embraced by all. As well as ensuring a relaxed meeting room environment for staff, visitors will enjoy the perks of automated booking with customisable email notifications coming as standard with many models. With full management from one place and customisation to incorporate corporate branding also possible, meeting room booking is made a breeze for all involved.
Think digital meeting room booking is right for your business? Shop the latest meeting room booking systems right here.

Could Your Tech Choice be the Key to Perfect Meetings?

The corporate world has always been rather pioneering with company owners serving all sectors willing to try the latest technology in a bid to unlock numerous business benefits. The meeting room is a particularly advantageous spot for technological innovation. As a hub for creativity, collaboration and business growth, the average meeting room has to be equipped for all eventualities, a fact that makes the use of meeting room automation, space scheduling, audio processing and distribution, asset management, and distributed and networked AV technology especially prevalent.

Whether you are working with your team or liaising with external partners, suppliers and shareholders, the quest for the perfect and most productive meeting is never ending. At Digital Vision Audio Visual, we understand that corporate spaces have to be in tune with the needs of the specific business that they serve, that’s why we stock a full range of cutting edge technologies to ensure teams have the equipment they need to facilitate perfect meetings. Harman is just one of the brands we stock, and their applications can be seen throughout the corporate world, with excellent results.

The benefits of meeting room technology

Room automation is something of a buzzword in a multitude of industry sectors. The room automation category incorporates an extensive selection of technologies, including video conferencing tools, interactive displays and large display panels. By investing in your own room automation technology and designing a system that really works for your business, you can harness a number of advantages including:

  • Improved engagement
  • Seamless technology configuration
  • Better communication with remote attendees
  • Straightforward room scheduling
  • Recording capabilities

Whatever your individual business requirements, a unique mix of smart technology can be used to improve productivity during meetings and promote a culture of collaboration company wide.

How our Harman products can help

You can easily connect, present and collaborate with our Harman product range. Designed specifically for use in corporate spaces, Harman delivers complete solutions, wired and wireless, for any size meeting room with additional devices available to personalise your meeting space capabilities further. From small huddle spaces to complex boardroom environments, Harman delivers intuitive and easy to operate user interfaces for team members as well as centralised management tools for managers overseeing progress.

Activity based working can also be facilitated, with the flexible opportunities Harman presents ensuring the most modern and productive ways of working can be embraced. Using company wide AV solutions, business leaders can easily, effectively and efficiently connect with staff and clients to share content not just throughout one meeting room but with other meeting rooms. The global connectivity capabilities make audio visual communication simple with any offices that you have located around the world to enable collaboration across multiple meeting rooms in multiple cities as and when required.

Perfect meetings are just a step away with smart technology, and our online store caters for meeting rooms big and small to ensure compatible and comprehensive corporate solutions. Browse our Harman products and other room automation ranges right here at Digital Vision Audio Visual.

Your Guide to Digital Signage for Schools

Digital signage harnesses a number of benefits for a vast range of market sectors. Along with the education sector, we work with business, retail and healthcare clients to source the technology that enables them to embrace reduced printing costs, increased lead generation and better customer experiences. The education sector is becoming more and more technologically driven, and as well as improving learning for students, technology is being used to improve experiences for staff, students and visitors outside of the classroom.

Digital signage has a number of uses in schools, many of which we will explore in this blog post. Read on to discover all you need to know about digital signage in schools, and find out whether investment in such technology is right for your education environment.

The benefits of digital signage in education

Digital signage use is one area that is booming in schools, colleges and universities around the world, and for good reason. This relatively new, flexible technology is already being used to improve efficiency and productivity within educational environments to unlock a number of real benefits. Whilst different schools will no doubt have differing objectives for their adopted signage solutions, digital signage use has been proven to enhance the education process sector wide.

In addition to providing easy wayfinding throughout campuses, digital signage has facilitated better communication and interaction, two factors that are integral to the success of any school setting. Use of digital signage technology has also resulted in enhanced student engagement and improved information delivery. Digital signage technology is your school’s route to a stronger and more unified culture, an experience that can be shared with not just with staff and students but individuals visiting your school courtesy of your carefully placed, information rich, interactive displays.

Digital signage use in schools

Thanks to their editable, easy to manage, customisable and flexible features, digital signage displays can be used throughout schools. From reception areas and staff rooms to canteens and common rooms, digital signage can provide a great way to communicate with all individuals around the school, including students, staff and visitors.
Digital signage can be used effectively to display school news, welcome information, directions, room change information, lunch time menus (including allergy information), after school clubs, academic achievements and work examples from pupils, and videos and photos of school events. Choose from standard or interactive touch screen displays to alter your experience accordingly.

Sourcing the right signage solution

With a variety of digital signage options available, selecting the right system for your specific application isn’t always easy. Considering what you want to achieve from digital signage use, what content you want to display, which screen type will be most suitable for your application, and what your budget will allow may help to define your decision.
As experts in digital signage for education, our specialists are on hand to advise you throughout the selection process to ensure you find the signage solution that works for your school. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or visit our online store.

Are You in Control of Your Meeting Space?

Smart technology that has been specifically designed for meeting spaces is fast becoming the go-to product range for businesses of all sizes and niches. With the right technology in tow, you can make every meeting not good, not better, but completely awesome. The use of meeting room technology has led to a number of advantages for business environments. In addition to having access to more advanced connectivity, powerful processing, flexible mounting, and robust powering and security capabilities, meeting space tech has the power to control not just your entire meeting room environment but even the outcome of each meeting you hold.

The KT-107 from smart technology giant Kramer is one of the latest and most versatile products to hit the meeting space market. We have been working with Kramer for a number of years to deliver the very best AV and presentation solutions to our customers, but can the KT-107 touch panel really have as much of an impact as it boasts? In this blog post, we take a closer look at the KT-107 meeting space so you can discover the technology that could take the lead in your next meeting.

What to expect from KT-107

With its elegant, portable and high quality design, there’s no doubt that the 7-inch KT-107 touch panel looks good, but beneath its sleek and sophisticated appearance lies countless technical features that will improve activity in meeting rooms big and small. KT-107 delivers superior user experience with its high resolution screen incorporating built-in lighting sensors to automatically adapt its brightness for maximum comfort during use. Its advanced multi-touch point screen also makes two finger gestures possible for easy operation.

The device has a lot of processing power too with quad–core CPU, GPU, 2GB RAM, and 16GB ROM processing ensuring complex media and graphic rich applications can be ran with ease. KT-107 is extremely easy to install with power and connectivity possible through a single Ethernet cable. In addition to utilising a stunning design that wouldn’t look out of place in the slickest of meeting spaces, the touch screen can be flexibly mounted on the wall or table for your convenience. Flexible services, optional connectivity, reliable networking, versatile powering options, auto sensing, firmware USB port update, and secured deployment and operation complete the KT-107’s long list of features.

Completing your KT-107 meeting room

Whilst the KT-107 touch panel control can be used in isolation to ensure more effective, efficient and productive meetings for your business, there is a variety of meeting room products that can enhance your meeting room environment further. The Kramer Control cloud-based platform unlocks numerous capabilities for space control and management for instance. Kramer master controllers, matrix switchers, power amplifiers, wireless presentation solutions, auto switchers and ceiling speakers can also be accessed to complete your technology and performance driven meeting space as well as make room scheduling and meeting management simple.

To find out more about our Kramer meeting space technology, please browse our online store or contact our team direct to discuss your requirements.


GDPR – Non-Compliance could cost you 4% of your annual turnover.

On 25th May 2018 GDPR will be Enforced. The Data Protection Act (DPA) will be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this will completely change the way businesses and education store and manage data.

What is GDPR?

The purpose of the new regulation is to shift control of personal data back to the Data Subjects. The data could be usernames, location data, online identifiers such as IP address or cookies, or passwords and with GDPR the definition of sensitive personal data has expanded to include genetic and biometric identity

GDPR will bring significant changes to how companies manage and process personal data, to privacy compliance programmes, as well as IT systems and infrastructure. GDPR is about protecting and enabling the privacy rights of individuals and implementation is an important step forward clarifying and enabling any individual to protect their privacy.

What it means if you don’t comply?

Organisations should be aware that GDPR can bring huge fines for data breaches – up to four percent of annual global turnover or €20 million, whichever is greater. Therefore, the consequences of any data loss could be financially devastating for any organisation.

How to prepare

It is important that you audit and document everything to show due diligence to the Information commissioner. It is a complex and convoluted subject that Schools & SME’s generally are going to need help with, to help you avoid any large capital expense we have created several ways to help you along without it costing you a fortune

Call Digital Vision Group to find out how we could save you from a fine equal to 4% of your annual turnover.

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Your Guide to Theatre Lighting for Schools

The parts have been allocated, the scripts written and the after school practice sessions have been and gone, now it’s show time! Unbeknown to many however, setting the scene for a successful school production comes down to more than just staging and costumes. Lighting design is transforming drama and dance on stages throughout the UK, so why shouldn’t it be a part of your upcoming production and performances to come.

The importance of lighting in theatre

Theatre lighting is perhaps one of the most important yet most underappreciated parts of production, but the right lighting can leave a lasting impression on your audience and enhance your production as a whole. Whilst cast performances, the direction and the plot are no doubt the most memorable aspects of a theatre production, your lighting has an integral role to play in creating the right atmosphere. Use of lighting can also take your audience on journeys to different places, all from one stage, with the setting, mood and focus of the production altered at the touch of a button.

It’s not just on the stages of primary and secondary schools where lighting can have a dramatic and lasting impact. Lighting has the power to transform community halls, places of worship, colleges and universities, with excellent results.

Embracing the latest lighting technology

As a reputable provider of IT and AV equipment, plus a supplier of professional installation and support services, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest advancements in technology. Our engineers have recently completed training on the Zero88 FLX Lighting Console, a channel lighting control console that allows for maximum creativity whatever the placement. A great option for live events, touring productions, multi-purpose venues, theatres and educational facilities, the Zero88 FLX Lighting Console offers an intuitive experience whilst being easy to use and fully portable. Featuring mood boards by Lee Filters and filter libraries by Lee Filters, Rosco and Apollo, the console’s unlimited access to some 2,048 channels (extending to 4,096 with upgrades) ensures quick, accurate and easy colour picking, mixing and image capture.

Our team has also explored various lighting options from Chauvet, a brand that creates professional lighting solutions for a multitude of placements, including schools, colleges and universities.

Top theatre lighting tips for schools

Whether you are new to theatre lighting or want to perfect your skills for an upcoming production, the following tips can be used to enhance performances both visually and emotionally:

  • Design by performance genre: Your lighting design should differ from performance to performance. Generally lighting design varies drastically depending on whether you are staging dance, drama or music, so design by genre for a focused and distinctive scheme.
  • Make your equipment work for you: Whatever the configuration of your lighting system, getting to know your equipment is essential to success.
  • Get to know the performance: Knowing the content of a production inside out will help you design the most suitable lighting scheme. If you are lighting a theatre production, read the script and watch the rehearsals. Lighting a music performance? Listen to the music. Working on a dance lighting scheme? Note the cast’s movements during rehearsals. With this information you can design all parts of your lighting scheme, including selective visibility, mood and revelation form lighting.

Digital Signage Design Tips for 2017

With more than 40% of customers stating that digital signage can alter their buying habits and even get them closer to that point of purchase, digital displays in retail and business environments can have a huge impact on sales. Outdoor digital signage displays have also been proven to reach more customers than video advertising online, which makes integrating digital signage into your wider marketing mix a worthwhile step towards improved visibility and better business.

Whilst much advice is offered online about the benefits of digital signage and the unique features that make digital signage technology so easy to use, it is important to note that digital signage use for advertising purposes relies on the content displayed being as engaging, eye-catching and appealing to your target audience as possible. As leading suppliers of innovative digital signage products, we understand why digital signage works for so many industry sectors. But for those looking to advertise their brand and the products or services that sit at its heart, how can your digital signage content cut through the noise and make an impression that is not only great but memorable?

Keep it simple

Providing an engaging experience, even at a glance, is all about simplicity. A digital signage design that is more concise and easy to understand is favoured over complexity, and ensures memorable results, whether you are targeting passers-by with outdoor displays or customers browsing in-store.

Rethink your text design

It’s not just the design of your wider display template that matters, the design of any text on screen also makes a huge difference to an ad’s overall success. There are so many fonts, sizes and colours to choose from, and whilst creativity is important to text design, ensuring optimum visibility and interaction is just as vital. Something as seemingly insignificant as poor font selection can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your display. Ensure fonts are legible and simple, even from a distance, and keep colours and other design features on brand to improve consistency across campaigns.

Don’t forget those CTAs

Calls to action are an important part of any brand-customer correspondence. Your calls to action (including contact information such as phone numbers, web addresses, emails and social handles) need to be at the forefront of your campaign to guarantee conversion.

Embrace multimedia

With digital signage displays making the sharing of all media possible, it would be a shame not to utilise these capabilities to your advantage. With more than 500 million hours of video watched on YouTube every single day and some 87% of online marketers using video content to promote their wares and the products or services of their clients, there’s no doubt that consumers love video. Using video within your digital signage campaign wisely is essential however.

Complicated animation can interfere with readability, especially when using video and text in unison. Use video clips selectively, ensuring that brand staples like your logo and wider theme are consistent throughout for a more cohesive user experience.

So you’re clued up on how to design your digital signage campaign, now all you need is the technology! We stock a wide range of digital signage displays for use in campaigns of all scopes and niches. Visit our online store to get started.

Can Digital Signage Be Useful in Schools and Colleges?

Technology is now helping educational environments expand well beyond text based learning. Through the use of smart technology, schools, colleges and universities are able to engage students for better learning in a number of other ways. Providing versatile learning tools for the modern day, and a unique platform that encourages students to create and collaborate effectively, technology integration within the classroom has transformed life for staff and pupils. But it’s not just technology use within the classroom that is paving the way for better student and staff experiences.

Digital signage is another innovation that is changing the education sector for the better. As a leading provider of digital signage solutions, we work closely with a number of key industries (including the business, education, retail and healthcare markets) to ensure the benefits of digital communication can be harnessed. In this blog post, we take a closer look at how digital signage can be used in educational environments like primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and private learning facilities.

Display school news and achievements

Thanks to fully intuitive interfaces, simple content management systems and complete customisation capabilities, digital signage is an adaptable and easily updatable tool for use in schools, colleges and universities. Displaying school news is a breeze with digital signage, and with very little training your administration staff can make scheduled announcements as well as share last minute messages from a central location.

Digital signage can also be used to provide an insight into the culture of an educational environment. These powerful digital posters can proudly display examples of children’s work as well as videos and photos from school events such as performances and sports days.

Offer a warm welcome to all

Digital signage doesn’t just deliver value to students and staff. For visitors to the school, digital signage provides an excellent route to delivering information seamlessly and professionally. Reception displays are already a popular part of the modern day education environment, so why shouldn’t they be a part of yours? Digital signage displays positioned in reception areas can be used to display welcome information, school details, motivational messaging, timetables and academic achievements, to name but a few things.

Deliver directions and room change information

Wayfinding is one of the primary reasons why so many private and public sector organisations across all industries invest in digital signage technology. In education, digital signage can help staff, students and visitors get where they need to be as well as display the room change information that may impact their existing schedule.

Provide details about events and clubs

Creating an engaging and informative experience for users is what digital signage systems are all about. As we’ve discovered in this piece, digital signage can be used to relay all types of information, and details about events and clubs is another content type that can be easily and effectively communicated.

Digital signage is an excellent way to communicate with staff, students and visitors alike. From live data feeds to customised, content rich screen templates, digital signage can be a useful part of all aspects of the school environment, including reception areas, canteens, common rooms and staff rooms.

Business IT Support The Benefits

Getting the technical support you need in-house to manage your IT infrastructure and the devices that make your company function effectively and efficiently isn’t easy. Recruiting an experienced technician in-house is not an option for many businesses, particularly small to medium sized enterprises and start-ups. Outsourcing has become a great option for businesses of all sizes and with all budgets.
Not only is outsourcing cost effective, it’s also an excellent way of getting the breadth of experience you need to manage your IT infrastructure successfully. Read on to discover just some of the benefits that go hand-in-hand with outsourcing your business IT support.

Save money

The financial savings associated with outsourcing your business IT support are many. Recruiting a specialist in-house is likely to be far beyond the remit of many businesses, whose budget just won’t allow for such expenses. If you do have the funds to foot the bill for the salary of a skilled network administrator, additional expenses like company benefits, holidays, cover, ongoing training and overhead costs can make recruiting a full time IT staff member even more pricey.
Outsourcing your support provisions will enable you to enjoy the experience, knowledge, skill and convenience of a qualified specialist at a fraction of the cost.

Maintain your focus

It’s not just financial savings that can be realised when outsourcing your business IT support. The time saved dealing with IT challenges in-house can have a direct impact on your company and the efficiency of staff members. By outsourcing, you and your team can focus on other areas of the business, leaving the development, maintenance, management and repair of your infrastructure in good hands.

Profit from experience

Having a team of IT support providers at your disposal means one thing – a greater knowledge base. IT support services, like ours, rely on the know-how of multiple engineers, each of which has their own particular skillset. This specific experience and knowledge allows us to provide a complete service to all our clients.

Discover the latest

The IT world is constantly evolving, but keeping up with the latest and greatest isn’t easy. Your IT support provider will keep up with the latest technology on your behalf, meaning you can integrate the most up-to-date advancements into your own infrastructure to realise a better ROI and stay ahead of your competitors.

Reduce risk

Cyber-crime is an issue for all businesses. According to the government’s latest Cyber Breaches Survey, almost half of all companies in the UK were hit by a cyber breach or attack during the past year. By recruiting a trusted partner to support your IT infrastructure you can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.
It’s not just the risk of cyber-attacks that can be reduced thanks to great IT support. The risk of IT faults and failures can be minimised or even eliminated completely. Your IT support provider will help you reduce risk, optimise processes, boost business continuity and plan for the future.
Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our IT services.

Short Throw Projectors The Pros and Cons

Short Throw Projectors have been mainstays in schools and other educational facilities for as long as we can remember. Whilst technology has advanced significantly in recent years, providing the features that educators need to take the creation of interactive and engaging learning materials to the next level, there is one projector type in particular that throws up countless questions…

The short throw projector is widely advertised as one of the best you can buy in the current classroom projection equipment market. Many projectors after all require a theatre like setting to work at their best, making modern day classrooms not so well equipped. Short throw projectors are different however, and use the latest technology to ensure the distance between projector and screen isn’t so much of an issue. In this post, we reveal the pros and cons of short throw projectors allowing you to decide whether they are the right projector type for you.

Great news for small classrooms

Classrooms on the smaller side have often been deemed unsuitable environments for the average projector, that is until the short throw! Many models can produce an image when placed less than one metre away from the screen, with a 70-inch screen size possible in most cases. Unlike other projector types, short throw projectors have a shorter throw ratio – normally of 0.38 to 0.75 – meaning high quality imagery can be produced when the projector is placed as little as 68cm away.

Ultra short throw models go one step further thanks to throw ratios of less than 0.38.

No chance of a closer look

Whilst the curved, fish eye lens used in short throw projectors has many technological advantages over the standard lens used in long throw products, the lack of zoom function can pose a problem. Ultra short throw projectors have the same issue, which can be a difficult transition if you’ve been used to the zoom function of standard models.

Better portability and user experience

With many projectors, most teachers report a rather ‘bright’ user experience, that is if they haven’t tripped over the wires and cables connecting the projector to the mains. Short throw projectors have no such problems, with the decreased distance between projector and screen meaning less chance of troublesome screen shadows and a less blinding experience for teachers. The latest short throw projectors are also highly portable, and can be moved around the school with ease.

Portability makes them easy targets

Whilst the improved portability of the latest models is a plus point for schools looking to use classroom technology in multiple locations, it does makes them easy targets for burglars. Increased security measures may be required when utilising projection in your school compared with the bulkier, fixed projectors.

Viewing preferences aside, short throw projectors are more costly than long throw projection equipment but for schools sporting smaller classrooms this is often an extra cost worth footing. To find out more about the pros and cons of projection, contact us today.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Projector

Projectors are versatile things, the latest models can be found in office boardrooms, school classrooms and home cinemas. The most portable models even make high quality projection possible on the move, allowing businesses to showcase their products or services effectively at events and exhibitions, and educators to move from classroom to classroom. With the sheer range of projection equipment available however, buying the right model for your needs and budget isn’t always easy.

At Digital Vision Audio Visual, we supply the latest projection equipment for office, classroom and home use. Here our experts share their tips for buying the projector that is right for you and discuss the factors that buyers considering all placements need to contemplate before purchasing.

Throw ratio

Different projectors suit different room sizes, but those short on space don’t have to compromise or forgo projection completely. The short throw projector is made for small spaces, and enables you to enjoy a high quality 70-inch image when the projector is placed less than one metre away from the screen. Despite having no zoom function, short throw projectors are highly portable. They also benefit from reduced glare, which is an issue with long throw projectors.

Long throw projectors have their benefits however, particularly for larger spaces. As the name suggests, long throw projectors produce high quality imagery when placed up to 15 metres away and, unlike short throw, users can enjoy an added zoom function.


The resolution of the projected image is of course important, and as a rule, the higher the number of pixels, the higher quality the image. Projectors are available with varying resolutions, namely full HD (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels), HD ready (1280 x 720), WXGA (1280 x 800), XGA (1024 x 768), SVGA (800 x 600) and WVGA (800 x 480).


The number of lumens dictates the brightness of the projected image, so how bright is too bright? The desired lumen count depends on the intended placement of your projector. The higher the count, the brighter the projected image. For well-lit rooms, a lumen count of 3000 plus is recommended, but for darker rooms, a count of 3000 or less will be suitable. For classroom projection equipment, a lumen measurement of no more than 4000 is recommended as a projector that is too bright can cause damage to the eyes.

Running your projector in eco mode is advisable, particularly if you find that the projected image is too bright. By running eco mode you will not only extend your projector’s lamp life but reduce the lumen count by around 20%.


How your projector integrates with existing equipment within your AV infrastructure is an important consideration, particularly in today’s technologically driven environments. Many of the latest projector models can connect with set top boxes, streaming devices and Blu-ray players for enhanced use. Audio can also be improved by connecting your projector to speakers, sound bars and PA systems. Selected projectors have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect wirelessly with compatible audio equipment.

To view our latest collection of projectors please visit our store. Alternatively, contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Introducing JOAN Room Booking

As your business grows, product or service collections expand and customer base widens, the management of your company and its activities is likely to become more complex. Business owners have a lot to juggle, and with the latest technologies, managing every day proceedings is no doubt becoming a little simpler.

For those with large offices, just one of the many challenges faced is the management of meeting rooms. However, thanks to a handy new digital system, your staff can stop fighting over valuable meeting space and overall office productivity can increase.

About JOAN

JOAN provides all you need to make your office space work better for you. JOAN is essentially a digital door label which is used exclusively for room booking. This unique software has been developed whilst working with some of the largest companies from across the globe. The brand behind JOAN, Visionect, has collaborated with the likes of Dell, The Huffington Post, DreamWorks, Microsoft and Hyundai to create this award winning product, a system that is already a market leader in digital signage.

Using JOAN, businesses can schedule meetings digitally as well as view when a meeting room is booked or available for use. Integration is easy, and no additional software is required to make full use of the JOAN room booking service. JOAN supports the most used calendars, including Google, Office 365, Exchange 2010+ (Outlook) and even iCal, and connects automatically to the calendar you already use for easy booking whatever your preference. Another selling point is that JOAN’s wireless displays have a long battery life of up to three months. Charging reminders are sent via email and displays are USB rechargeable for easy maintenance and maximum efficiency. Hosting is also taken care of thanks to JOAN. The system can easily be integrated with existing hosting providers, handled by the JOAN team or hosted on your own in-house servers.

How is JOAN different?

JOAN provides solutions like no other. For a long time, larger businesses have struggled to strike the right balance when it comes to the management of meeting room schedules, with some even dedicating entire departments to such a task. With JOAN, room booking departments don’t have to exist meaning time and money savings for your company. Unlike other digital room booking products, your office doesn’t have to be uprooted during installation. Instead JOAN is completely wireless and can attach to any surface (including glass) without the need for wires or brackets.

Is JOAN right for my business?

Ideal for businesses with three or more meeting spaces, JOAN delivers a number of plus points for companies of all sizes and niches. As well as selecting the JOAN device option that is right for you (prices start from €299), your office size and your room booking requirements, JOAN solutions can be customised further. JOAN can be personalised with your company logo and can cater to multilingual offices. JOAN speaks a number of languages from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish to Polish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Swedish, Norwegian and even Klingon!


The IPTV & Digital Signage Platform Shaping Tomorrow

Digital communication has shaped both public and private environments for a number of years now. With more and more innovations hitting the marketplace, the way customers receive digital media is continuously evolving. Digital capabilities unlock so many advantages for those looking to make our schools, businesses, retail outlets and public spaces more interactive. With a wide range of products available, Hampshire based innovator Intevi has given us plenty of food for thought when it comes to digital signage, digital communication and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

Here we offer an insight into Intevi’s latest digital offering so you can discover real world, digital solutions that support your business and provide return on investment.

Intevi Digital Posters (IDP)

Intevi’s IDP collection delivers the latest in digital signage and digital posters. The poster itself provides a cutting edge alternative to the traditional paper poster, a product that offers a lifeless, single-faceted view.

As well as being an important product in the event technology sector, the burgeoning use of this product across a variety of industries is leading to the elimination of paper posters completely. Clients and the individuals they are looking to target favour this updateable, eco-friendly and fresh approach. The Intevi Digital Poster is an integral part of the company’s digital signage range. In addition to allowing users to reap the rewards of this responsive digital communication solution, Intevi’s digital posters ensure the full screen views, unique layouts and smart content that really captures attention.

Intevi Digital Booking (IDB)

From communicating to new and existing customers to managing communication between colleagues, Intevi’s digital room booking service is another digital signage must. The management of meeting space within larger offices is a constant challenge, but with the Intevi GoGet system you can say “goodbye” to sprawled notes taped onto meeting room doors, double booking and mid-meeting interruptions. This easy to use digital booking system allows you to create, edit and review the booking schedule of any meeting right at the meeting room door. Schedules can also be viewed and amended from your computer, tablet or smartphone using Google calendar or Microsoft Exchange.

Intevi Digital Television (IDT)

Using the very best software and hardware, the IDT range ensures content can be managed and video streamed easily to TVs and PCs. Providing easy installation, simple operation and full scalability, Intevi’s digital television systems can even be integrated with your existing infrastructure for the ultimate digital media solution. Templates are fully customisable to ensure a portal that is unique to your brand. Insert images, change channels, personalise your scheduling options, trigger instant alerts, integrate active widgets, post custom messages, display pre-made video content and even control the entire system through your smartphone or tablet. Your digital television and its templates can be fully branded, with a choice to wrap your live TV feed to enhance awareness.

Retailers in particular have an opportunity to boost digital communication with their customers on the shop floor. Digital television systems can be used to attract, interact and evaluate your market with a fully branded and responsive solution able to build customer experience, define journeys and reward actions.

Your Guide to Zero88 FLX Lighting Console

Production lighting can make or break an event, whether it is a single music gig, full tour, theatre show or studio broadcast you wish to illuminate. For lighting designers and engineers, much of their creativity is down to the capabilities of the technology that they work with. Whilst technology is continuously evolving, specialist Zero 88 has designed and manufactured a console to provide the ultimate solution in lighting control.

Creativity at its core

The FLX Lighting Console is one of the latest products developed by Zero 88. The device has been designed to ensure lighting designers, technicians and engineers have no limits when it comes to their creativity with major time savings and easy portability additional features delivered. The console itself is particularly easy to use, however its capabilities have been refined to ensure stunning production lighting in the most challenging environments. With a focus on live events, touring productions, theatres, multi-purpose venues and educational applications, FLX is a tool heavy, fully featured and ultra-flexible lighting control solution of the future.

Suitable for all

Regardless of your background or experience, FLX will be a control tool that you are comfortable with from your very first use. The system uses an industry standard syntax and fader-per-channel intensity control to produce a familiar yet intuitive experience. Creativity knows no bounds with the Zero 88 FLX Lighting Console, and engineers, technicians and designers have some 2,048 assignable channels to play with, making the control of moving lights, LEDs and conventionals simple.
Looking for even more channel access? FLX can be upgraded further, with up to 4,096 channels available. The possibilities are endless with the FLX Lighting Console as the device has no limitations on fixture patches and requires no expensive upgrades.

Time savings from the very start

For those with limited experience, experts on tight deadlines or professionals simply looking for an easy life, tools like Patch Wizard and Auto Palettes ensure easy and effective preparation alongside fast and flexible operation. Programming time is quicker in comparison to other consoles thanks to FLX’s three-step method. The device’s Z button shortcut also provides instant access to the features that you need on a regular basis.
Colour picking, mixing and capture is another process made easy. These once arduous tasks can be completed with minimal time and maximum accuracy with colours created effortlessly with FLX’s four encoder wheels or built-in colour picker. The colours selected can then be filed away onto one of the device’s 240 palettes for instant access whenever you need them. The entire device is quiet, dust-free and fan-less for discreet use and low maintenance.

All you need at the touch of a button

As well as the intuitive controls, filter libraries, mood boards, and additive, subtractive and HSV control, with the Zero 88 FLX Lighting Console, an internal multi-touch screen comes as standard for added ease. You can enhance your FLX console further with the addition of the optional external touch screen.

Industries That Benefit from Digital Signage

Whether you are looking to strengthen your marketing or advertising strategy, increase brand awareness or improve the customer experience, digital signage provides plenty of inspiration. According to recent research, 63% of consumers state that digital signage captures their attention, making it a powerful tool whatever your objective.

At Digital Vision Audio Visual, we work with clients serving multiple industry sectors to ensure signage solutions that suit their unique requirements. The benefits associated with digital signage are being enjoyed by countless businesses, but there are four industries in particular that are really making the most of this specialised technology.


The business world is pretty expansive but throughout commercial environments, digital signage has become an excellent way to cater to the needs of staff and customers alike.

For staff, the digital signage solutions on offer have streamlined operations for the better, with meeting rooms and waiting areas in particular benefitting from the use of interactive displays. On the customer side, internal signage solutions provide an adaptable way to provide wayfinding, welcome screens, company information and check-in facilities. The ease of content creation and editing also ensures multiple campaigns can be managed in real time via outdoor displays, which can be conveniently placed in prime locations to drive traffic to your store or simply raise brand awareness.


The retail environment has benefitted greatly from the use of digital signage. From the shop front to the point of sale, digital content has a huge impact as the findings of a recent study revealed. Some 84% of retailers based in the UK believe that the use of digital signage has raised significant awareness for their brand. Many surveyed also referred to signage as being the ‘face’ of their store and a direct route to delivering targeted brand messages.

More than 60% of all buying decisions are made at the point of sale, therefore the placement of a digital display at this point in particular can have a major impact on buying habits. Shelf edge screens, kiosk touchscreens and window frontage displays are other digital signage solutions favoured by retailers.


The use of technology in classrooms is growing rapidly, however digital signage screens have a place in other areas of the average educational facility.

Digital signage is becoming a popular fixture in reception areas, staff rooms, common rooms and canteens. The vibrant displays and easy to adapt content make it easy to display school news, welcome information, wayfinding details, menus, room changes, after-school clubs, events, and even examples of pupils’ work. As digital signage can be used to display a long list of content types, videos and photos of school productions and events have also found their way onto displays.


The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors for digital signage use. Displays are now being used in public and private sector healthcare environments to improve patient communication, make wayfinding easier, display information such as wait times in real time, and communicate with patients in different languages.

Whatever your industry sector, digital signage is bridging the communication gap to deliver excellent advantages for organisations of all sizes. Let us talk you through the latest digital signage solutions by contacting our team today.


K-Array Anakonda An Innovation in Audio

Traditional speaker boxes have long been bulky and inconvenient, two factors that make them highly unsuitable for various environments. For a number of years, those in search of great sound quality, easy integration and discreet visibility have had to either accept the traditional speaker box, and all its faults, or forgo audio altogether. Thanks to the K-Array Anakonda, those introducing sound systems to the most challenging applications don’t have to compromise.

A revolutionary speaker module

With its lightweight nature, discreet visibility, weather resistance and flexibility, there are few places where the K-Array Anakonda speaker module can’t go. Anakonda has been expertly designed and developed to provide a problem solving solution like no other. Unlike traditional speaker boxes, the K-Array Anakonda provides exceptional audio quality, even in areas that have no surfaces to mount speakers.

Whether it is the traditional speaker issues you are looking to overcome or a desire to implement sleek design and unobtrusive modules you wish to embrace, K-Array Anakonda provides a long list of innovative features to achieve all this and more.

Solutions for all applications

K-Array Anakonda speaker modules have been at the centre of a number of impressive installs since their market launch. Ideal for boardrooms, public spaces and retail outlets, the K-Array Anakonda has become renowned for making the trickiest environments both visually pleasing and audio perfect. Each Anakonda module measures in at 2 metres long, and up to 32 can be joined together to create a sound line of some 64 metres. Whatever your desired length, the integrated male and female connectors ensure an uninterrupted, continuous line that looks elegant and seamless from start to finish.

The K-Array Anakonda modules are also extremely light and flexible meaning they can be easily integrated and interweaved with existing structures for improved sound distribution throughout your chosen venue. K-Array Anakonda products have already been used successfully across broadcast studios, cafes and restaurants, fashion shows and other events, hotels, museums, theatres and concert halls, theme parks, stadiums and other sporting venues, and transport facilities.

Choosing K-Array Anakonda

The visual look and feel of a room or larger venue is important to organisers and will be easily criticised by guests if something is amiss. K-Array Anakonda can be used to improve audio quality and bring sound closer to people in a non-obtrusive manner. Modules can be installed vertically and horizontally to complement your venue shape and size, and sound distribution requirements, making them a portable, flexible and adaptable solution for any indoor or outdoor space.

K-Array Anakonda is extremely easy to use, with the device’s presets providing a standalone solution as a flexible PA system or able to be combined with other accessories, such as K-Array subwoofers, for an entirely different experience. Maintaining your K-Array Anakonda modules is simple and each comes with a choice of two fabric socks to safeguard the speaker from the dust and debris that could over time impair sound quality. Interchange speaker colours, selecting black or white, for an even more seamless result.

HuddleCam Video Conferencing, But Not As We Know It

With a record 1.5 million people now working from home in the UK according to a study conducted by the British Trades Union Congress (TUC) – one fifth more than a decade ago – individuals and businesses alike are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits that remote working can bring. Thanks to its increased flexibility and lack of commute, popular to contrary belief, home working is driving business productivity forward, but how can you keep in touch with employees and other individuals integral to your business’ success when they’re based out of office?

Video conferencing is an essential tool for remote workers and the businesses employing them. With brands like HuddleCam, professional HD quality and enhanced audio can be harnessed for more effective communication, whatever the distance.

What are the benefits of video conferencing?

Video conferencing isn’t just advantageous for businesses employing remote workers and freelancers. Businesses looking to fit appointments with key suppliers, partners and shareholders into their busy schedules can do so easily thanks to video conferencing. Video calls can also be taken from the comfort of your own office or home.

Video conferencing enables you to:

  • Communicate with several employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers and other participants in just one call
  • Minimise the expense and time inefficiencies that go hand-in-hand with travel
  • Build rapport and loyalty by reinforcing relationships with home based workers
  • Enhance the efficiency of telecommuting for increased productivity
  • Organise meetings at times to suit all participants
  • Put a face to a traditional phone call or email
  • Physically show the products or services that are essential to your business
  • Easily deliver or receive online training

Why use professional conference cameras?

So, you’re sold on the benefits of video conferencing, now which product provides the best possible experience? HuddleCam provides an extensive range of professional HD video conference cameras, from 3X to 30X, each of which has been expertly designed to cater to varying business needs. Audio compatible with Mac and Windows for all desktop conference applications, HuddleCam conferencing cameras provide a long list of features so you can reap the rewards of successful, seamless and simple video communication.

For small to medium sized rooms, the entry level HuddleCamHD 3X is a great fit. Providing 3X optical zoom, 1080p resolution and a 74° field of vision, this product comes equipped with 64 presets for easy use. The HuddleCamHD 3X is also simple to set up, just plug the device into your USB port to begin your video conference. The HuddleCamHD 20X goes one step further by providing 20X optical zoom. Despite offering a slimmer field of view, the 20X device delivers professional grade conferencing in larger rooms and the plug-and-play USB connectivity that comes as standard across the HuddleCamHD collection. All HuddleCamHD products can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and support almost every video conferencing software available online for easy accessibility.

All HuddleCamHD video conferencing cameras are supplied with a two-year warranty whilst access to a detailed knowledge base means any queries you have about your new conferencing device can be answered around the clock.

Funding for Education

Funding for Education

Do you need new technology to replace existing ageing equipment but there aren’t the funds available? Have you ever considered or know anything about finance funding?

We understand that leasing hasn’t had a good presence within schools in the past, mainly due to bad business offered by photocopy and office equipment companies, this has now changed with the laws and regulations laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Leasing will help you relieve the strain and pressures of rolling out much needed costly upgrades and enables you to have a pay back structure that’s convenient to you.

Why do schools rent equipment?

There is a myth that only people who can’t afford to purchase outright actually choose to rent equipment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many people tend to overlook the fact that with any capital equipment, they are actually paying for what the equipment does and not what it is! Now, no organisation would dream of paying an employee’s salary 3 years in advance, they pay for the benefit as they derive it on a monthly basis. A flexible rental plan enables schools to apply exactly the same concept to their equipment. They pay for it as they receive the benefit from it.

Leasing enables you to have the equipment you need, when you need it – If you have a capital budget of £50,000 per year for three years, it is only possible to purchase £50,000 of equipment on day one. By using Leasing, you can get £140,000 of equipment right now. We can assist you in acquiring the technology you need now and arrange a “bespoke” rental plan to reflect your budgetary needs. Your school can start realising the benefits right away.

All programs are totally flexible so you can add more equipment to them whenever it is required. Leasing is the cost efficient way to acquire equipment.

A unique service for Funding for Education, Here are a few of the unique points for Leasing:

  • Deferred payment programs, so your school can start using the equipment immediately and pay for it when your budget permits.
  • Flexible Payment Profiles. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, termly, half-yearly or annually to suit you.
  • Budget Underspend: Payments can be structured to take account of larger (or smaller) initial rentals to account for underspend
  • Software only transactions.
  • Fund the entire solutions, including cabling, fabrication, building work, installation, maintenance, training services and licenses.
  • Master Agreements for phased “draw-downs” of equipment where you need to make stage payments.
  • We can do all of the work for you from sourcing equipment to installation and services.
  • Include equipment protection cover within the rental payments. Accidental damage cover designed specifically for schools.

To gain impartial advice on a rental program for your school or college, or simply to explore the possibilities, complete the enquiry form or call 01442 620078.

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration

The classroom is now seeing more computer platforms and operating systems in use than ever before, but how do you seamlessly allow students to connect and present to your existing display or projection system to share their thoughts, ideas and achievements? You could buy adapter cables for all devices and have them bring their device to the front of the class and then spend 5 minutes disconnecting and reconnecting cables, but that™s a real pain and time consuming, what if you need to see 2 or more students work up on the screen at the same time to compare notes, that then becomes a bit tricky and a bit messy.

campus_front_800Kramer Electronics have developed a range of products called VIA that enhances interactive learning as well as supporting wireless connectivity and collaboration. Kramer™s newest VIA product is the VIA Campus, present from any laptop or mobile device, students, teachers or any in-room meeting participant can view the main display, edit documents together in real time, share any size file, turn the main display into a digital whiteboard, and more. VIA Campus also lets facilitators use eˆ’polling and eˆ’exams to easily and instantly measure how much students & trainees are actually learning. VIA Campus can show up to six user screens on one main display or up to 12 screens on two displays. The solution features iOS mirroring for MacBook, iPad and iPhone and Android mirroring (Lollipop OS 5.0 or newer). Remote students can easily join the class and collaborate in real time with embedded 3rd party video conferencing and office apps. such as Microsoft Office®, Skype®, GoToMeeting®, Lync® and WebEx®.



Future of Educational Technology

We love technology. ICT and AV in particular.

When we™re not in a school, we™re reading about what is coming up for schools. Here is a brief summary of some of the great thinkers we™ve been observing.

1) Forget the Cloud, the future of education technology is the Cloud and Anywhere Access. “ Matt Britland is head of ICT at Kingston Grammar School.  His thoughts on MOOC  “ I think the cloud will go a long way to removing this barrier. Why? By removing the number of things that can go wrong (more…)

Building technical confidence in teachers


Building Technical Confidence in Teachers

Technical confidence in our teachers, is not just about using technology in schools, but embodying the potential of technology, so that this potential can be consumed by the students. We™ve been in ICT and AV for 30 years. We’ve witnessed the evolution first hand. We™ve seen the first introductions, the upgrades and the add-ons required as technology evolves, and as the needs of our students increase.  It certainly has made us tune-in more to the situation from all sides. (more…)

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