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Funding for Education

Funding for Education

Do you need new technology to replace existing ageing equipment but there aren’t the funds available? Have you ever considered or know anything about finance funding?

We understand that leasing hasn’t had a good presence within schools in the past, mainly due to bad business offered by photocopy and office equipment companies, this has now changed with the laws and regulations laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Leasing will help you relieve the strain and pressures of rolling out much needed costly upgrades and enables you to have a pay back structure that’s convenient to you.

Why do schools rent equipment?

There is a myth that only people who can’t afford to purchase outright actually choose to rent equipment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many people tend to overlook the fact that with any capital equipment, they are actually paying for what the equipment does and not what it is! Now, no organisation would dream of paying an employee’s salary 3 years in advance, they pay for the benefit as they derive it on a monthly basis. A flexible rental plan enables schools to apply exactly the same concept to their equipment. They pay for it as they receive the benefit from it.

Leasing enables you to have the equipment you need, when you need it – If you have a capital budget of £50,000 per year for three years, it is only possible to purchase £50,000 of equipment on day one. By using Leasing, you can get £140,000 of equipment right now. We can assist you in acquiring the technology you need now and arrange a “bespoke” rental plan to reflect your budgetary needs. Your school can start realising the benefits right away.

All programs are totally flexible so you can add more equipment to them whenever it is required. Leasing is the cost efficient way to acquire equipment.

A unique service for Funding for Education, Here are a few of the unique points for Leasing:

  • Deferred payment programs, so your school can start using the equipment immediately and pay for it when your budget permits.
  • Flexible Payment Profiles. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, termly, half-yearly or annually to suit you.
  • Budget Underspend: Payments can be structured to take account of larger (or smaller) initial rentals to account for underspend
  • Software only transactions.
  • Fund the entire solutions, including cabling, fabrication, building work, installation, maintenance, training services and licenses.
  • Master Agreements for phased “draw-downs” of equipment where you need to make stage payments.
  • We can do all of the work for you from sourcing equipment to installation and services.
  • Include equipment protection cover within the rental payments. Accidental damage cover designed specifically for schools.

To gain impartial advice on a rental program for your school or college, or simply to explore the possibilities, complete the enquiry form or call 01442 620078.

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration

The classroom is now seeing more computer platforms and operating systems in use than ever before, but how do you seamlessly allow students to connect and present to your existing display or projection system to share their thoughts, ideas and achievements? You could buy adapter cables for all devices and have them bring their device to the front of the class and then spend 5 minutes disconnecting and reconnecting cables, but that™s a real pain and time consuming, what if you need to see 2 or more students work up on the screen at the same time to compare notes, that then becomes a bit tricky and a bit messy.

campus_front_800Kramer Electronics have developed a range of products called VIA that enhances interactive learning as well as supporting wireless connectivity and collaboration. Kramer™s newest VIA product is the VIA Campus, present from any laptop or mobile device, students, teachers or any in-room meeting participant can view the main display, edit documents together in real time, share any size file, turn the main display into a digital whiteboard, and more. VIA Campus also lets facilitators use eˆ’polling and eˆ’exams to easily and instantly measure how much students & trainees are actually learning. VIA Campus can show up to six user screens on one main display or up to 12 screens on two displays. The solution features iOS mirroring for MacBook, iPad and iPhone and Android mirroring (Lollipop OS 5.0 or newer). Remote students can easily join the class and collaborate in real time with embedded 3rd party video conferencing and office apps. such as Microsoft Office®, Skype®, GoToMeeting®, Lync® and WebEx®.



Future of Educational Technology

We love technology. ICT and AV in particular.

When we™re not in a school, we™re reading about what is coming up for schools. Here is a brief summary of some of the great thinkers we™ve been observing.

1) Forget the Cloud, the future of education technology is the Cloud and Anywhere Access. “ Matt Britland is head of ICT at Kingston Grammar School.  His thoughts on MOOC  “ I think the cloud will go a long way to removing this barrier. Why? By removing the number of things that can go wrong (more…)

Building technical confidence in teachers


Building Technical Confidence in Teachers

Technical confidence in our teachers, is not just about using technology in schools, but embodying the potential of technology, so that this potential can be consumed by the students. We™ve been in ICT and AV for 30 years. We’ve witnessed the evolution first hand. We™ve seen the first introductions, the upgrades and the add-ons required as technology evolves, and as the needs of our students increase.  It certainly has made us tune-in more to the situation from all sides. (more…)