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One of the UK™s Leading Suppliers & Installers of Interactive Displays for Schools.

As one of the UK™s leading suppliers and installers of Interactive Display Technology for Schools, Colleges and Universities, Digital Vision AV is ideally placed to provide your establishment with the most suitable end to end solution to fulfil your requirements. Our experienced team of Interactive Display consultants will work with you to provide a cost effective solution, which encompasses sourcing the highest quality products, expert advice and consultancy and Installation, Maintenance & support packages as necessary.

Our experience & industry leading methodology makes us the ideal Interactive Display Partner.

Our vast experience within the Education Sector makes us the ideal AV service partner for your School, College or University. Through our use of industry leading methodology, technical approach and firm understanding of our client™s restrictions and requirements, we are often able to deliver a bespoke solution which is most appropriate to them.

Interactive Displays are an important emerging technology for the Educational Environment.

Interactive Displays are an important emerging technology for the Educational environment. Whether it be Interactive Whiteboards to aid learning in the classroom, Digital Signage promoting school activities around the school, or our wide range of other Interactive Solutions which engage students & staff alike, perfectly complimenting the learning environment.

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Does your school utilise Interactive Displays? Is your existing system due for renewal or an upgrade?

Over the past 10 years, interactive whiteboards and displays have become an integral part of the modern learning environment; however, the developments in interactive display technology has advanced significantly.

As an increasingly powerful tool in the classroom environment, Interactive displays add an important additional layer of interactivity and collaboration. For a teacher, lecturer or student the ability to integrate digital media content into the classroom, lecture or other learning environment allows for an expansion in collaborative learning opportunities, increased engagement and creativity.

If used innovatively, modern interactive displays for schools create an enhanced range of learning opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible in traditional education environments.

Modern Interactive displays encompass the latest technology without some of the drawbacks of traditional interactive whiteboards.. For example, there™s no bulb or filter to replace, saving your school money and stress. You won™t need any device drivers or calibration between a projector and board, with our modern interactive displays you can just plug and go.

Modern Interactive displays for schools encompass full HD picture quality, unbeatable interactive performance, and complete portability, with almost no maintenance costs. Digital Vision offers a fully managed installation & on-going maintenance service, alongside comprehensive site surveys and flexible consultancy options.