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HDMI Adapter to Composite/S-Video (GTV-HDMI-2-COMPSVIDSN) by Gefen

HDMI Adapter to Composite/S-Video (GTV-HDMI-2-COMPSVIDSN) by Gefen


HDMI Adapter to Composite/S-Video

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HDMI Adapter to Composite/S-Video

Watch HDMI Video on your Composite or S-Video System — with Audio
The new GefenTV HDMI to Composite Scaler lets you transform HDMI video in resolutions from 480p to 1080p into Composite video or S-Video format properly sized to view optimally on your display.

How It Works
Simply connect your HDMI video source to the HDMI input jack of the GefenTV HDMI to Composite Scaler. Connect your Composite or S-Video display cable to the correct video output jack on the Scaler's rear panel. RCA-type analog audio output jacks and Coaxial S/PDIF digital audio output jacks allow for the connection of an audio receiver or other device to receive the audio signal embedded in the HDMI signal. Power-cycle all connected components. You will then have HDMI video playing on your Composite or S-Video display with simultaneous audio output.

Note: This device does NOT convert HDCP.
This device supports both NTSC and PAL video standards.
This device maintains the aspect ratio of the original signal.

The main purpose for the GTV-HDMI-2-COMPSVID is to downscale high definition video to standard definition NTSC / PAL from digital to analog TV signals. The GTV-HDMI-2-COMPSVID does not accept standard-resolution 15KHz (Horizontal Frequency) video signals as input (i.e. 480i and 576i resolutions). Source devices operating at resolutions of 480i / 576i will very likely have analog outputs which can be used to directly connect to display devices in these cases.
Supported HDTV input resolutions include:


Supported PC input resolutions include:


HDMI to Composite / S-Video conversion plus scaling
Supports HDTV input resolutions of 480p up to 1080p at 50/60 Hz and computer resolutions from VGA to UXGA at 60Hz.
Outputs 480i / 576i signal for Composite/S-Video
Supports both NTSC and PAL formats

Input Video Signal: 1.2V p-p
Input Sync Signal: 5V p-p (TTL)
Video In/Out: (1) HDMI 19-pin Female type A
Video In/Out: (1) Composite RCA female jack / (1) S-Video female Mini-DIN connector
Audio In/Out: (2) L/R RCA audio (1) S/PDIF digital audio jack female coaxial
Horizontal Frequency Range: 31-70 KHz
Vertical Frequency Range: 50-60 KHz
Power Consumption: 7.5 Watts (maximum)
Power Supply: 5V DC
Dimensions: 7W x 1H x 4D
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.

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