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The school hall is the epicentre of the modern day education environment. The stage for numerous events, from everyday morning assemblies to end of year performances, the average school hall has to be all things to all people. Ensuring your school hall is fully equipped for every occasion is therefore extremely important.

At Digital Vision, we stock a wide range of school hall audio visual equipment. Our selection of mixers, amplifiers, induction loops, brackets and mounts, cables and connectors, large format displays, projection equipment, and loudspeakers ensure every school hall can meet these multi-purpose demands.

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Expert Audio Visual For School Halls!

In partnership with some of the biggest and best brands from around the world – we stock AV equipment from the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG, BenQ, Casio, NEC, Panasonic and Philips – we are able to deliver AV solutions for school halls whatever your requirements or budget.

Large format projection, wireless HD presentations, wireless mic & pa systems, theatre lights will add a positive experience to your presentations and performances. By introducing such equipment to your school hall, everyone can have access to these advantages and evolve positively. Improved teaching practices and enhanced student engagement are two more plus points that have gone hand-in-hand with school hall audio visual equipment use.

The Audio Visual Experts

It’s not just the supply of school hall audio visual equipment that we lead the way with. Our aftercare services are second to none and ensure cost effective, sensible support is available to those who need it.

With years of experience under their belts and the very best product knowledge, our technicians can assist you long after you have left the checkout. The installation of your new school hall AV equipment is made easy with the help of our specialists, whilst those looking to integrate new interactive technology with existing systems can find the professional installation support that they require.

Maintenance and repair services are also accessible via the Digital Vision team, meaning any failures or faults that are encountered can be quickly and conveniently resolved.

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We’ve carefully selected the below product categories especially for you!

High Performance Audio Visual Equipment

Our high performance school hall audio visual equipment will ensure your hall remains the heart of the school and a suitable host for assemblies, parents’ evenings, after school clubs, presentations, performances and other learning and teaching opportunities.

Transform your school hall environment with state-of-the-art technology that is fit for purpose. Team this with our bespoke installation, maintenance, repair, support services and over 10 years experience, and you will find all you need right here at Digital Vision.

We have years of experience working in school halls, classrooms and other education environments. Let us assist you in your step towards better communication and interactivity by contacting us today.

School Hall AV Aftercare for Schools

To increase sound quality throughout the school hall environment, we supply and install mixers, amplifiers, loudspeakers and induction loops.

Our brackets, mounts, cables and connectors ensure your audio visual solution can be adapted to not only the hall size and shape but the needs of students and staff. Our large format displays and projection equipment also guarantees a complete AV solution for all types of schools, colleges and universities.

To find out more about our classroom audio visual equipment please contact our friendly team for advice. Alternatively, browse our online store to view the latest collections.

About Digital Vision

Here at Digital Vision, we call upon over a decade of experience to deliver the solutions head teachers, governors and other education sector influencers need to develop a 21st century learning experience.

Interactive technology is already paving the way in a growing number of schools, colleges and universities.   Whether you are familiar with classroom audio visual equipment or this is your first taste of interactive technology, our dedicated team can assist you at every stage.

As well as supplying the highest quality AV equipment, we provide a whole host of aftercare services for extra peace of mind. Our technicians are knowledgeable and highly trained, and can assist with AV and IT installation, maintenance and on-site support.

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